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The 10 Best FREE Apps For Seniors

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Don’t underestimate senior citizens — they love their smart phones and tables as much as the next person! Here are our ten favorite apps for senior citizens to have at their fingertips!

To Download, search the name of the app in your iTunes app store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)

  • TuneIn Radio – Stream radio from wherever you are in the world

  • Waze – GPS app to avoid traffic using real time updates to routes. Use settings to avoid highways or tollroads.

  • Pandora– Music streaming app which allows you to create custom stations of music you love.

  • The Weather Channel – Track hourly or weekly forecast, watch radar, and receive inclement weather alerts

  • Instant Heart Rate – Check your heart rate using the camera lens of your phone

  • Lumosity – Brain training games to keep your brain healthy and sharp

  • Web MD – Use to stay up to date on your health and researching symptoms.

  • TED – Broaden your knowledge with talks on technology, entertainment, health, and more

  • Words With Friends – Fun word game that you can play with friends.

  • Skype – Keep up with friends and family using their video and phone features

Bonus CHEAP apps!

  • Pillboxie ($1.99) – set reminders to take medication

  • EyeReader ($1.99) – for when you forget your reading glasses – use your phone as a magnifying glass!

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