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Meet Kinoo - A New Way to Connect with Far-Away Family

Do you have grandchildren or other loved ones that live far away? It can be challenging to bond when you are distant, but what if you could connect, play, learn and grow together like you were in the same room? Wouldn't it be fun to be able to interact with them in a new and exciting way?

Meet Kinoo! Kinoo is an entirely new video communication system that allows families to bond via shared co-play activities, even when they’re far apart. Replace ordinary Facetime with Kinoo time to build family bonds across distances and generations. With Kinoo, family just got a whole lot closer.

About Kinoo:

Kinoo is reinventing the way families connect virtually. The Kinoo app re-imagines ordinary video chat by including expert-created games and activities that allow far-away loved ones to connect, play and learn together. A true revolution in the never-ending quest for meaningful connection, the patented Kinoo video communication system allows children and their far-away grandparents (or any older loved ones) to play and grow together virtually through its variety of fun, unique, and collaborative activities. Accessed through a simple iOS app that works on newer iPhones or iPads (Android coming soon), Kinoo uses augmented reality (AR) to enable users in separate locations to feel like they are in the same room. Kids and their grandparents can share interactive play experiences - developed by learning experts to promote intergenerational connection, child development, empathy and personal growth. Whether it’s a joint adventure to outer space, whipping up an inventive pizza, reading a story, or virtually baking cookies together, Kinoo transforms video chats into memorable, joy-filled moments.

Kinoo’s Origins

Today and beyond, we live in a world where the ability to connect in new ways, listen and play together, understand mutual needs, and help one another grow through shared experience are ever-increasing cultural needs. Kinoo was built to address these needs, beginning with the simple vision of what might be possible if distance no longer prevented grandparents from frequently and actively engaging in the lives of their grandkids.

Development began in 2016, when Kinoo’s founders - who are both grandparents and parents, with educational and entrepreneurial experience - developed a set of unique technologies that could bring families closer than ever before. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people of all ages experienced extreme isolation and began to understand the impact of loneliness on mental health and wellbeing, intensifying the need for meaningful human connection, and making the market fit for Kinoo unmistakable.

How Can I Get Kinoo?

Kinoo was made available to the public in late 2021, both via the app store and through Kinoo’s website -

Kinoo is currently being offered as a bundle, which includes the patented KC wand and a subscription to the award-winning Kinoo app. Purchasers receive the wand and download the free app, which provides access to Kinoo’s initial set activities, with more new content added regularly. Readers of this blog can use the promotional code Cummings10 to receive an additional 10% off their order. Early purchasers may also be invited to join Kinoo’s User community, to help develop the next generation of Kinoo activities by providing feedback and ideas that will help us better address their family’s needs and interests.


Information provided directly by Kinoo executives. This information has been used with Kinoo's knowledge and permission.

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