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Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Seniors need to be especially careful in the hot Texas weather to avoid overheating or potentially suffering heat stroke. The bodies of older adults cannot adjust to high temperatures as well as younger bodies can, so following these practical tips can help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer.

For those in need of a fan, Family Eldercare provides them to seniors in need for free. You can contact Family Eldercare in the following ways:

Phone: 512-459-4FAN (4326)

Address: 1700 Rutherford Lane Austin, TX 78754

  1. Drink plenty of cool fluids, especially water. Even if you don’t feel thirsty! It’s also best to avoid caffeine and alcohol.

  2. Enjoy snacks that can help keep you cool like popsicles, frozen peas or green beans, or suck on ice cubes.

  3. Place a cool washcloth on the back of your neck. Rinse with cool water frequently and reapply.

  4. Eat small, light meals throughout the day. Avoid heavy, fried meals. Good examples are cold pasta, salads, and deli sandwiches.

  5. Sit with your feet in a pan of cool (not too cold) water and refill periodically.

  6. Take a cool bath, shower or use cold washcloths to wipe down your body.

  7. Keep your home as cool as possible by using your AC unit if you have one, ceiling or box fans, and by keeping the shades drawn during the hottest times of the day.

  8. Wear lightweight cotton clothing that you can easily layer if you get too hot or too cold.

  9. Visit a public place with Air Conditioning for a nice break like the library, a coffee shop, mall, grocery store or senior center .

  10. If you have access to a swimming pool, swimming can be a great way to get fantastic exercise and cool down at the same time.

  11. Remember to contact Family Eldercare if you live in the Austin, TX area and need heat relief resources.

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