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thinking about an interstate move?

We can help! Thinking about making a large move to another state can feel overwhelming. What all is involved anyway? We help clients with moves of any kind, and long distance moves are no exception! We are ready and prepared to help you through the entire process.

Interstate Move Steps

  1. Determine where you're going to live.

  2. Set your moving budget. a. Travel fees b. Storage fees c. Packing supplies d. Packing services e. Liability coverage/supplemental insurance

  3. Figure out transport logistics.

  4. Make a packing plan.

  5. Cancel existing and set up your new utilities.

  6. Notify the post office.

  7. Move.

  8. Get a new driver's license and update your vehicle registration.

Let Us Make the Process as Smooth as Possible! We Can Assist With the Following:

  • Arranging for packers and organizers.

  • Arrange for removal of donation or unwanted items.

  • Coordinate with contractors or service professionals to prepare your current home for sale.

  • Home staging services.

  • We provide incredible professional photography services in preparation for putting your home on the market.

  • Dedicated marketing services for getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar.

  • Coordinating with the moving company of your choice.

  • Estate Sale company referrals and coordinating the estate sale.

  • Using our nationwide network of REALTOR® referrals to help you in finding the perfect home in your new state.

  • Working with the agent, Senior Living Community, etc to coordinate your arrival and move-in to your new home.

  • Comprehensive move management services.

If you're considering a move of any kind, contact us today! We would love to help you through the process.


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