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Aging Boomers Drive Up Need For Housing And Resources

According to AustinUp, the Austin area has the nation’s #1 fastest-growing population of people between 55 and 64, and the 2nd fastest-growing population of people 65 and over.

As more and more Baby Boomers move into the retirement phase of life, (10,000 a day according to some sources!) the need for housing for these aging Americans is reaching a dire stage.

Because the Austin area, is booming, residents see the cost of living, including housing costs, increasing year over year.

When planning retirement, seniors often are looking to downsize or tighten their budgets in order to transition to a more fixed income, so rising costs can create a burden even on the most well-prepared retiree.

The Area Agency on Aging is a Division of Capital Area Council of Governments which studies the needs of aging seniors in the Central Texas area. Their recent report lays out how serious the needs of seniors are in Central Texas, including the needs of different demographics and abilities of these seniors. We know that this increase also places a burden on caregivers who are also increasing in number.

We hope in this blog to be part of the solution to these complex issues, and also a source of hope, knowledge, and fun!

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