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Independence For Seniors

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Independence is something most seniors strive to maintain and closely associate staying in a home or “aging in place” as this independence. However, moving into senior community can give you a different kind of independence and freedom than you may think.

Some of the benefits to moving from a house to a senior community are:

  • Ease with scheduling appointments for the doctor or other errands because transportation is provided and you decide when to go.

  • Freedom to have somebody prepare meals or to cook meals for yourself.

  • Ability to schedule your social life – enjoy a private evening in or join in on group activities

  • Lastly, if you fall ill, you have a built in support team in your community instead of having to call friends or your children to check on you.

Why can’t a senior community give you independence, too? If you’re ready to explore your options, from aging in place to senior living communities, our transition manager at The Cummings Team can help you transition from a home to a senior community. It is our pleasure to serve seniors in the greater Austin, TX area.

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