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Health Benefits of Being Hydrated

You may have heard before that it is important for your health to stay hydrated and drink enough water each day. But did you know that maintaining adequate water intake and hydration levels can lead to a whole host of health benefits? To reach their conclusions, the study authors used health data collected over a 30-year period from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study (ARIC Study). The researchers found that found adults with serum sodium levels at the lower end of the normal range had better health outcomes than study participants at the higher end of the range.

Health benefits of adequate hydration may include:

  • Maintaining healthy skin.

  • Body temperature regulation.

  • Lower risk of developing chronic diseases.

  • Lower risk of dying early.

  • Lower risk of being biologically older than your chronological age.

  • Slow down aging.

  • Prolong a disease-free life.

This study is an exciting look into something that is relatively easy to do that could have significant health benefits long term. If you don't think your hydration is optimal, consider adding more water intake to your daily routine. The amount of daily intake that is right for you depends on your individual health and is something that is best discussed with your doctor. If you're interested in more details about the study mentioned in this blog, you can visit here.


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