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Cities That Are Boom Towns For Hiring Baby Boomers

LinkedIn recently shared a post about cities that are hiring baby boomers. In many cities across the U.S., basic services for seniors are significantly lacking. Employment is a huge part, and many cities are working on initiatives for how to improve problems such as employment. We were thrilled to see that Austin is ranked #2 on the list of cities hiring baby boomers.

To obtain their list, LinkedIn looked at U.S. cities with the largest shares of LinkedIn members who added a new employer to their profile in 2021. They then divided each city's baby boomer hires by population. However, they controlled for variation in size among cities by dividing each city's boomer hires by its respective boomer population. Cities were then ranked according to their amount of boomer hires. Check out the top 15 cities for getting hired as a baby boomer. Looks like the Southern U.S. has the most cities on the list!


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