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Best Places to Retire Now

If you have recently retired or are considering retiring in the near future, have you thought about where you might want to live? There are a variety of great places for a variety of reasons, but it's fun to look at expert's take on the best places to retire right now. AARP gathered a list of their best places based on a variety of factors.

"AARP’s Livable Communities team — which provides support to local leaders to help make cities and towns best-suited for people of all ages — and the AARP Public Policy Institute — which publishes the popular Livability Index used by real estate agents and home shoppers nationwide — worked with our editors to come up with 14 objective points of data by which to assess American communities in this new reality...Of course, numbers don’t reveal the intangibles that make communities special. So we gathered input from AARP’s state offices as well as from regional journalists."

According to the article, after going through their process, AARP was left with a list of places for where to retire now with the following commonalities which are things most people would consider important: a strong sense of community, access to quality health care, comparatively low cost of living, great access to nature and recreation and relative ease of getting around. Check out their list:

  1. Cedar Falls, Iowa - Median housing costs: $1,238/month

  2. Idaho Falls, Idaho - Median housing costs: $1,015/month

  3. Jackson, Tennessee - Median housing costs: $1,071/month

  4. Anderson, South Carolina - Median housing costs: $898/month

  5. Fort Worth, Texas - Median housing costs: $1,364/month

  6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Median housing costs: $1,196/month

  7. Lansing, Michigan - Median housing costs: $910/month

  8. Provo, Utah - Median housing costs: $1,110/month

  9. Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Median housing costs: $1,152/month

Check out the entire article for more information and details on each city!


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