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8 Common Items People Hoard

Junk drawers, closets, and garages are all places people store extra things, just to name a few. Sometimes, we might even have a habit of collecting certain items without even thinking about how many we have. If you can relate to this, you're not alone! Read on to find out some of the most common items people hoard.

  1. Tote Bags: It can be easy to acquire a large collection of free tote bags without even realizing it. These perfectly good bags can be hard to get rid of, but it is important to be realistic about how many you actually need - and use, and then part with the rest. After pairing down your collection, it's important to say no when being offered new tote bags in the future.

  2. Paperwork: Saving paperwork or receipts can feel harmless enough, but it can quickly add up. While some paperwork, such as tax returns, should be kept for a certain number of years, in general the rest can be recycled or shredded. The safest method to protect your identity is to not hold on to unneeded sensitive paperwork to begin with, and to be sure to shred sensitive paperwork when parting with it.

  3. Buttons: The reality is, the likelihood of using a randomly found button is slim, save for using in arts and crafts. Typically, they pile up, either in one location, or throughout the house. Unless you know exactly where the found button belongs, just toss it.

  4. Plastic Shopping Bags: Plastic bags can have many ways to reuse them. However, it can be easy to go overboard on how many bags you keep. Limiting yourself to one plastic shopping bag filled with shopping bags, or purchasing a plastic bag dispenser will keep your plastic bags organized, without collecting too many.

  5. Pens and Pencils: Having pens and pencils available for when you need them is important. However, most people don't need an entire drawer full of them. In addition, chances are that a lot of them don't work. If you find yourself with more pens and pencils than you could possibly use, test your collection to see which ones work and toss the ones that don't work. If your collection is still too big after that, choose several favorites and then donate the rest.

  6. Mugs: Even if you aren't a coffee or tea drinker, there are a zillion cute or funny mugs out there. And these cute and funny mugs can quickly take over a large portion of your kitchen cabinet(s). If you find yourself with way too many mugs, go through your collection and set aside only your absolute favorites or sentimental mugs, and donate the rest.

  7. Takeout Containers: Many restaurant to-go containers are almost the same quality as the standard reusable plastic containers. However, these containers can quickly get out of control. Besides having way too many, there are often missing lids, broken bottoms, and more. Go through your containers and keep a couple of each size, especially sizes you use most often, and toss the rest.

  8. Condiments: When is the last time you went through your fridge and pantry checking for expired condiments? Chances are, you'd find a whole bunch of items that need to be in the trash instead of your fridge or pantry. Added bonus? You'll have more space for items you'll actually use!


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