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7 Tips For Organizing Your Pantry

If you're lucky enough to have a home with a pantry, you know how quickly and easily it can become cluttered and disorganized. The thought of organizing it may feel daunting and expensive. But it doesn't have to be! Read on for some great, affordable tips.

  1. Lazy Susan: You may not have used one of these in a while, but they can be fantastic for storing things like spices. The size can fit a large number of spice bottles, and the functionality of the Lazy Susan make finding the spice you're looking for a breeze! And, it helps keep all of your spices together in one place.

  2. Shower Caps and Mats: This one is so clever! Have you ever thought of lining your pantry shelves? Doing so can protect the shelves, give the shelves more stability, and can help items stay in place better. Turns out rubber shower mats are an excellent shelf liner - and you can get them at your local dollar store, so they don't have to break the bank. In addition, if you have small appliances or serving dishes that don't get used very often, you know how quickly they can collect dust. To keep the dust away, simply cover with a shower cap! Brilliant.

  3. Wire and Wicker Baskets: You may not know that the dollar store has an excellent selection of baskets, at a far more affordable price than most other places. Baskets make for excellent storage solutions in the pantry, for everything from extra dish towels to produce. They also look nice, too!

  4. Plastic Canisters: Let's face it: open bags of flour, sugar, cereal boxes, and more take up a lot of space and don't look very good. Want a solution for more efficient space usage, have a better look aesthetically, and that will keep your food fresh longer? Get yourself a bunch of canisters!

  5. Command/Reusable Hooks: These hooks are great. They don't damage your wall, they can be easily removed, and are a great solution for items like oven mitts, aprons, dust pans, and more.

  6. Glass Jars: Another great option similar to canisters are glass jars. These come in a variety of sizes, are easily labeled, and look beautiful.

  7. Over Door Shoe Caddy: Instead of using the compartments for shoes, you can use them for canned goods, grab-and-go snacks, and more.


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