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10 Most Pet-friendly Cities in the U.S.

Pets are more than just animals. For many of us, our pets are family members! In the last decade or so in particular, there has been a significant increase in pet amenities and accessibilities throughout the U.S. So what cities are the most friendly to our furry family members? A survey was conducted by the blog All About Cats to find out the answer. The survey considered several factors including the number of dog-friendly restaurants, the number of pet-friendly hotels, veterinary services, the number of cat cafes, and the percentage of pet owners in each city. No surprise here, but Austin, Texas was ranked number two on the list! Check out the other cities that made the top 10.

  1. Portland, Oregon

  2. Austin, Texas

  3. Seattle, Washington

  4. New York, New York

  5. Glendale, Arizona

  6. Miami Beach, Florida

  7. Chicago, Illinois

  8. Orlando, Florida

  9. Kansas City, Missouri

  10. Madison, Wisconsin


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